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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Hello. We only have about 10 days of winter left which means that it's going to be Easter soon, then there are all of those bank holidays in May and then it's going to be Summer and it's going to be BUSY. In the meantime, anybody who ever checks the letters in the staff room will have seen that there are some online training courses to be completed and a deadline for you in case ya wanna reap the rewards. Let me know if you have any problems with the system (new starters: I'll get you a name on a wall file and your logins to you asap).

Telephone Numbers I'm still battling to get phone numbers from some of you so that we can be in touch if I need you (or more likely if you need to be in touch with me regarding shifts that you do or do not want to work). Phone numbers I need: Amy Lucas Josh Leiper Fran Bock PLEASE TEXT YOUR NAME TO 07565062220 People who have kindly given me their numbers but I can't find on WhatsApp: Sam Becker Charlotte Frith I'm guessing you don't have it. If you're happy to download it that'd be great (Sorry - I too resisted until now). If you'd rather not, let me know, I ain't gonna force you.

EDIT: Some of this information has changed due to recent government announcements please read the notice at Also, COUGHS AND SNEEZES SPREAD DISEASES and I'd have thought that everyone is aware of coronavirus by now. We don't want it here for so many reasons: Individual staff illness Inevitable spread to other staff members (leading to staff shortages) Spread to our elderly/low immunity/asthmatic/already poorly loved ones Reduced trade/income due to scaremongering that may put a financial strain on the business We're a high-risk environment due to the qty of absolute scum that come in and we really really don't want to be the pub with coronavirus. So, here's the Ruth Ball guide to prevention: 1 - Keep surfaces clean and hygienic by sanitising regularly The sanitiser is the blue one above the sink in the kitchen dishwashing area Tables - SANITIZE


Coca Cola dispenser/screen - SANITIZE

Telephone - SANITIZE

Till screens + Card readers - SANITIZE Door handles - SANITIZE And more... WHY?? Because contaminated surfaces touched by you and customers is one of the main ways that the virus spreads

2 - Regular + thorough hand washing Follow instructions on the posters provided (nr sinks) Ensure that wash stations are stocked with soap/sanitizer/blue roll - If you use it up, fill it up WHY?? You touch everything with your hands. Things like dirty glasses, plates and cutlery used by customers, screens shared by staff members, card readers shared with customers. If you touch your eyes, mouth, nose without washing your hands, anything could be on there. 3 - Catch coughs, sneezes and runny noses in tissues Use tissues and restock if you use them up (or use your sleeve - don't touch your face) Bin/flush them immediately Wash/sanitise hands immediately WHY?? The liquid droplets from your cough/sneeze will carry the virus if you are infected.

4 - Don't reuse any customer glassware Even if a customer insists WHY?? Their saliva is on the inside of their glass and may be carrying coronavirus. The virus will be transferred to all future pints dispensed from the tap that you used to refill an infected dirty glass from. 5 - Symptoms are: COUGHING BREATHLESSNESS FEVER If you have mild symptoms and are taking paracetamol etc: -Stay at home -Call NHS 111 -Inform us: call - 01335350990, 01335350125 or 07565062220 -If you are advised to self isolate you will be entitled to statutory sick pay If you have travelled to countries/areas that are hot spots or are in close contact with someone who has, call NHS 111. The hot spots can be found here. If you feel unwell at work with relevant symptoms, tell a manager immediately (Ruth, Nat, Elliot, Alex) We will then isolate you in the staff room and take your temperature. If you show signs of infection you will have to immediately call NHS 111. They may instruct you to go home immediately and self isolate. If you do not have symptoms you may remain at work. If you are advised to self-isolate due to coronavirus then you may be entitled to statutory sick pay from day one (ordinarily day four).

Given the circumstances, I assume that you're all already very excited about the new soap dispensers in the toilets. These are filled from the top, through a great big hole so no need for pumping. We're now using a less appealing, odourless, semen-y soap since the old stuff was repeatedly stolen but this whole change also means it's a much easier process. The soap is kept under the glass wash sink.


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